Why become a partner

The ESO9 international a.s. partner program brings a variety of advantages to our partners. A list of the most interesting ones would include:

  • Commissions from license sale.
  • Zero fees for the implementation and the subsequent service.
  • The possibility to use our products for your own use for free.
  • Our universal support.

Becoming a partner of ESO9 international a.s. is very easy, you just have to meet a few conditions:

  1. Choose a partner program type, which suits the orientation of your company and your strategy.
  2. Register for that program.
  3. Meet the minimal requirement number of certificates necessary for sale, implementation or product development.

The partner program types

We offer four types of partner programs to those interested:
  • ESO9 Business Partner – The partner deals with the process of selling the product, either only up to the phase of intermediation or to the phase of preparation of the contracts for signing.
  • ESO9 Implementation Partner – The partner deals with the sale of the product as well as its implementation.
  • ESO9 Development Partner – The partner deals with the further development of the product in the form of Add-On solutions or their original modules or independent branch solutions.
  • ESO9 Implementation and Development Partner – The partner deals with sale, implementation and further development of the product.

Partner Certification

Each of our trade and implementation partners must be certified. The certification takes place regularly in the form of thorough testing, thanks to which we can guarantee our customers that our partners know the ESO9 products well and are able to implement it. For the customer, a certified partner means that the investments placed into the information system will return to him in the form of a good product and a high-quality implementation.

The ESO9 international partner program offers a wide variety of the form of co-operation with its four partner program types. If you are interested in our partner program, you would like to know more about and would like to co-operate with us, contact us at partner@eso9.cz or via the contact form.