Training for Administrators

The application administrator takes care of the operation and development of the ESO9 application in the company. The certification and recertification system helps them to monitor the updates which are brought by the new versions, and which can – for specific cases of professional applications – stay hidden from the user.

For a company using ESO9 it is a benefit to have a certified administrator among their employees, because such an administrator is then allowed to conduct adjustments to the applications, which would otherwise have to be ordered and paid for. A certified administrator at the customer’s side is an advantage for the ESO9 consultants as well. Certified administrator helps the consultant to define the exact customer requirements for system modifications.

The certification has two levels: Administrator and Implementer.

Certified Administrator

Is the person familiar with:
  • ESO9 Technology,
  • The data model,
  • The basic ESO9 codebooks,
  • The report generator.

Certified Implementer

Is a person familiar with:
  • ESO9 codebooks,
  • The possibilities of ESO9 data model extension,
  • Creation of procedures and functions broadening the ESO9 functionality,
  • Creation and modification of navigation and entry forms,
  • Methods of implementation of new activities.

The certification training takes place in three stages:

ESO9 Start Administrator:

  • Two-day introduction, theoretical lecture about the technology and data model of ESO9.

ESO9 Profi Administrator:

  • A week-long practical teach-in dealing with codebooks, parameters and processes of ESO9 Start.

ESO9 Implementer Administrator:

  • A week-long practical teach-in concerning the possibilities of the ESO9 application adjustments. The participants implement a whole new process area according to an assignment.

Each training if concluded with a test to verify the gained knowledge. Successful participants obtain a certificate valid for one year.

In order to extend its validity, the implementers are invited for a recertification training each year. The aim of recertification is to regularly familiarise with the newest updates in ESO9 development (both technology- and implementation-wise). The recertification training is concluded with a test as well.

The certification training cycle takes place two times a year (spring - autumn).