What is ESO9 Support

User of an ESO9 information system has access to the ESO9 Support portal, which they can use to enter orders of consulting and programmer work, complaints and proposals. Thanks to the portal, our customers have the possibility to file their requirements for the ESO9 system 24/7. The aim of operation ESO9 Support portal is primarily the effort to improve the quality of the communication with the customers and to ensure a short response time to their demands.

Access to the ESO9 Support portal

This is possible only for registered users with the proper rights. First, the user must register. The e-mail address used during the registration is then used as the user’s login. It should be an individual address (not "info@company.com"). Via this e-mail address, the user is identified as an employee of the company which he represents in the ESO9 Support portal.

The user’s role on the ESO9 Support portal

After the registration verification, the user is given a role, based on which he is granted access to certain options in the ESO9 Support menu. The ESO9 Support users can have various roles, thankfully, where their options are precisely set.

  • Support Role: The user is allowed to view and enter new requirements.
  • Finance Role: The user is allowed to view documents concerning the mutual commitments and obligations.
  • Administrator Role: The user is allowed to set the roles of other users from his firm on the ESO9 Support portal.

The ESO9 Support portal functions:

  • Filing new orders.
  • Tracking order history.
  • ESO9 Support portal user management.
  • Invoice and order overview.