Trading Companies
BATIST Medical SK, s.r.o. The company deals with distribution and retailing of medical and hygienic appliances – band aids, plasters, and dressings.
BATIST s.r.o. A prime producer and distributor of medical and hygienic appliances
BS vinařské potřeby s.r.o. The company serves as both a retail network and a wholesale with a product range over 3 000 items used for vine growing, wine production and last but not least, its cultural and hospital consumption events.
COPY SERVIS spol. s r.o. The COPY SERVIS spol. s r.o. company is the leading, official and certified partners of the companies Canon a Rex-Rotary in the Czech Republic.
CREDO-ELEKTRO spol. s r.o. CREDO-ELEKTRO is a dynamically developing firm focusing on production and providing of electrical fuse boards up to 1000 V according to the norm ČSN EN 60439-1.
Dárky s.r.o. For over 12 years, the company has been dealing with retail of high quality advertising items. Dárky s.r.o. is also a leading supplier of Swiss stationery Prodir to the Czech market.
DEMONTA Trade SE Trading company dealing in the import of metal scrap and semi-finished non-ferrous metals.
DF Partner s.r.o. Production and distribution of branded auto chemistry and auto cosmetics, oils, lubricants and car bulbs.
Egeria s.r.o. A major distributor of fuel.
Eni Česká republika, s.r.o. Pumping stations AGIP Eni Czech Republic, s.r.o.
FAMILY DAVO, s.r.o. Family DAVO is a producer and distributor of cereal products (muesli, cereal pillows) and citric concentrates for big retail chains and wholesale.
FitOut Budapest Kft. A leader of the Hungarian market with products and services dealing with interior creation and accommodation in the form of turn-key deliveries.
G7, a.s. G7, a.s. from Litvínov, a supplier of fuels with a high standard of services.
GANT Czech Republic s.r.o. Wholesale and retail of clothes of the clothing brand GANT.
GANT Hungary Kft Hungarian representation of the world-known brand GANT - wholesale and retail of clothes of the clothing brand GANT.
GREAT UNITED TRADING, s.r.o. Wholesale and retail of the clothing brand TIME OUT.
HSW Signall s.r.o. A leading supplier of materials and devices for large-format digital printing and sign making. Technical and service support for all the devices is a part of the supply. Training courses of personnel, printer service, colour calibrations for print materials.
iMi Partner, a.s. Advertising items specialist in the Czech Republic.
iMi Trade, s.r.o. Advertising items specialist in Slovakia.
inSPORTline shops s.r.o. The inSPORTline company offers all the necessary equipment for fitness: stationary bikes, ellipticals, bike simulators, treadmills, work out towers and benches, dumbbells, spring boards etc.
INVA Building Materials s.r.o. INVA Building Materials s.r.o. is an exclusive supplier of SOUDAL branded products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
ITEMA, spol. s r.o. The company deals with the retail of plasterboards, heat insulators and hydro insulators. It offers a compact variety of building materials.
JOYCE ČR, s.r.o. An exclusive importer of WELL network products and a direct importer of Wi-Fi products ASUS.
K.A.L.T. Logistic s.r.o. K.A.L.T. Logistic ensures transportation to EU countries, mainly to Slovakia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Kostečka Group spol. s r.o. Commercial, assembly and service organization in the field of heat pumps and air conditioning.
MAGNUM CAR, a.s. An authorized ŠKODA car retailer.
MARTEK MEDICAL a.s. The biggest distributor of medical equipment, devices, disinfectants, cleaning agents, incontinency aid, and any other material necessary for any type of medical centers in the Czech Republic.
MBM, spol.s r.o. Wholesale and retail of metal cutting tools, binding tools, measurers, electronic hand-held tools, abrasives and hand-held tools.
MEDICAL GROUP SK a.s. The distribution company MARTEK MEDICAK SK deals with wholesale distribution of drugs, medical equipment and specialized medical material.
Moravia Systems a.s. A major supplier of industrial valves, pipes and pipe parts, member of the international private financial and investment group KKCG.
Nakladatelství Fraus, s.r.o. The Fraus publisher publishes and sells textbooks and materials for the teaching of foreign languages, modern textbooks for elementary and high schools in accordance to the curriculum, school and study dictionaries.
PCS spol. s r.o. The PCS group associates several Czech firms that carry business in several high-technology fields.
pietro filipi, s.r.o. The Czech brand pietro filipi – a synonym for design clothes for elegant and demanding men and women.
Pivovar Nymburk, spol. s r.o. The Nymburk brewery brews six kinds of light beers, two dark beers and several special ones.
ProInterier s.r.o. The company provides complex interior construction and accommodation. It is an exclusive importer of Interface and Brintons carpets for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and of the complete inventory of double floors, partition walls and ceilings from the company Linder for the Czech Republic.
REPAM ELEKTRO s.r.o. An electrical engineering firm and a wholesaler and retailer of electro.
Rock Empire, s.r.o. Outdoor equipment manufacturing.
ROS, a.s. Authorized retailer of personal and utility vehicles Volkswagen, Škoda and Audi including service.
Sahm s.r.o. Design, visualization, manufacturing, decoration and logistics of beverage glass.
SCHÄFER a SÝKORA s.r.o. Trade organization dealing with lighting and automobile technology.
SEALL v.o.s. This company deals with designing, manufacturing, modernization, and service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It supplies bolting, hoses, pipes, aggregates, pumps, hydro-motors, cylinders, valves and filters.
Sittardia s.r.o. A high-quality service provider in the field of advertizing and marketing communication. Deals with the creation of integrated communication strategies, increasing of brand value and advertising production.
ŠTROB &, spol. s r.o. The company ŠTROB deals with complete supplies of technical installations for central, heating, medical installations, air conditioning, wiring, measuring and regulation and planning.
Třinecký inženýring, a.s. This company provides engineering and complementation activities during realization of investment constructions and modernization, reconstruction and repairs of main smelting works aggregates.
U+M Servis s.r.o. An important importer and distributor of agricultural technology. Apart form retailing, they secure service and financing of agricultural technology, as well as free counseling activities.