Bramborárna Bukovice, s.r.o. The Bukovice potato plant offers high quality food, supplier and trade services not only in the Czech Republic. Production of raw and cooked potatoes, peeling and processing of onion and other root vegetables.
C & F Manufacturing s.r.o. Manufactures and sells motorized wheelbarrow muck-trucks with a four-stroke engine Honda 5,5 HP
CS TRANS s.r.o. A transportation company, providing a variety of logistic services, international and national road cargo transport.
FERROS PRAHA s. r.o. The company deals with purchase, retailing and division of steelworks materials and manufacture of shaped forms.
CHMELAŘSTVÍ, družstvo Žatec The hop vine association from Žatec is an organization uniting 113 Czech hop producers managing circa 90% of the Czech hop fields.
Intecha, spol. s r.o. Project, engineering and supplier activities. Implementation of technological units from the chemical and food industries.
JUDr. Vladimír Muzikář The law firm Muzikář and Odehnal, provides a complex range of law services, serving as one of the most prominent law firms in Brno.
Mediaservis s.r.o. Mediaservis is the sole alternative postal operator.
MemBrain s.r.o. MemBrain is a research, engineering and technological company, which directs its service on basic and applied research and further innovation activities concerning membrane processes, mainly the transfer of findings of the scientific team into practice.
Městská bytová správa, spol. s r.o. The apartment management of the city Hodonín.
Moravské divadlo Olomouc příspěvková organizace Running a permanent repertoire theatre with opera, operetta, drama and ballet choruses.
Muzeum Komenského v Přerově, příspěvková organizace An offer of historical classrooms and bells The Archaeology of Přerov and the Komenský and Blahoslav memorial exhibitions. Organizing of short-term exhibitions.
myonic s.r.o. Manufacture of bearings for medical equipment, aeronautic and armament industries.
OLTERM & TD Olomouc, a.s. Producer and supplier of heat energy for flats, schools, tertiary and commercial spheres. Keeper of the Olomouc swimming pool and the Delfínek Aqua centre.
ON SEMICONDUCTOR CZECH REPUBLIC, s.r.o., právní nástupce Manufacture of integrated circuits and discrete semiconductor components.
SD KOVOŠROT s.r.o. Purchase, processing and retail of scrap metal and ironworks material.
SDP Logistics s.r.o. Manufacture of one-shot and euro palettes and wooden casings according to the documentation provided by the customer. Operation of truck transport and projecting of logistic systems.
SLUŽBY MĚSTA JIHLAVY s.r.o. Providing of technical and communal services. Management and maintenance of public communications.
Technické služby města Liberce a.s. Arrangement of building and repairs of communications and traffic signs, maintenance of public spaces, verdure by the roads, carrying out excavations for linear buildings.
TEMPO TEAM, spol. s r.o. Providing of addressed and non-addressed leaflet, print, catalogue and household and company sample distribution to households and companies.
Vodovody a kanalizace Prostějov, a.s. Operation of ducts and sewage for public needs.
Zoologická zahrada města Brna, příspěvková organizace Exhibiting the kept animals with the possibility of adoption and sponsoring.