Manufacture Companies
DAFE - PLAST JIHLAVA, s.r.o. Manufacturer of plastic and aluminum windows, doors, glassed-in facades and winter gardens from REHAU and SCHÜCO sections.
DESPA OK s.r.o. Manufacturing, service and retailing of handling technology.
DOLS-výroba Dveří, Oken, Listovních Schránek, a.s. Manufactures and assembles plastic and aluminum windows and doors, carries out complete solutions of facade systems, house entrances. It is a manufacturer of house letter boxes and their sets as well as shop shelving systems.
Elektroporcelán Louny a.s. Elektroporcelán Louny deals with a variety of applications of china manufacturing technologies, e.g. ceramic insulators including oxide ceramics.
Elektroprof a.s. Projecting and manufacture of fuse boards for demanding customers mainly from the fields of industrial automation, operating machinery, measuring and regulation.
ELEKTROPROF SVĚTELNÁ TECHNIKA spol. s r.o. Manufacture and assembly of lighting units for interior and industrial use. The units come from Italian firms Nordex, Solex and FAEL and a Greek firm Pilux-Dampex. High-quality components from Vossloh-Schwabe, which satisfy the highest standards of quality and operation reliability, are used during the assemblage.
HOFMANN BOHEMIA - partner gastronomie, s.r.o. Advice, sale, installation and repair of equipment for gastronomy.
HON a.s. Manufacture and retail of: office furniture and accessories, their service. Provider of software used for the creation of 3D designs of sets and workplaces.
Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc s.r.o. One of the leading companies when it comes to management of buildings, important industrial processes and services connected to aeronautics.
Htech cz s.r.o. Works in the food industry and agricultural market. Design, manufacture and installation of lines for processing, batching and packaging of fresh, frozen and other products.
Hügli Food s.r.o. Manufacturer of foods, a wide variety of soups, sauces, bouillons, desserts, spice mixtures, trimmings and other suitable kitchen helpers.
CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s. The CHEMOTEX company from Děčín concerns itself with chemical manufacturing of industrial assisting measures.
CHOPA spol. s r.o. CHOPA, with its products from the fields of pharmacies and cosmetics, serves as one of the prime manufacturers of this assortment in the Czech Republic.
Indal C&EE s.r.o. A leading European manufacturer of technical and architectural lighting.
Jana Večerková - VEST Manufacture and retail of savoury bars, crackers and pretzels.
KERAMOST, a.s. The company deals with extraction and adjustment of clay; it is a producer of products on a bentonic base.
KERAMTECH s. r. o. A world-leading manufacture of smelting ceramics and technical china.
Liberecké strojírny s.r.o. Belongs to the prime European suppliers of food industry equipment. The manufacture program includes a wide variety of technology and food industry machinery.
Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín Producer of chemical products, fluid nitrogenous fertilizers with a sulfur content, complexion-creating agents EDTA or acrylic resins SOLAKRYL.
MATEZA spol. s r.o. Wholesale and retailing of bearings, sealing, greasing technology, chains, V-belts and other machinery parts.
MEGA a.s. A company offering high-quality technology and complex services in the fields of water filtering, material surface modifications and ecology.
MONTOSTROJ a.s. The MONTOSTROJ company deals with manufacture of steel frameworks, moulds for the manufacture of concrete segments, silos for the storage of building materials, etc.
OPTYS, spol. s r.o. Offset and digital printing with a wide manufacture program.
RAVY CZ a.s. Production of baked meat and delicacy products.
SCA Packaging Česká republika, s.r.o. Complex solutions of product packaging from the wrapping design to its delivery. Manufacture of burn-prints.
Solné mlýny, a.s. Manufacture of salt products.
Strand s.r.o. Custom processing of stainless steel, a comprehensive solution of the transport and handling problems during process and shipping transport, atypical architectural elements made ​​of stainless steel, with links to the VAULT IS.
TBG BETONMIX a.s. Manufacture transport and pumping of concrete, masonry mortars and screeds. Laboratory and testing activity in the field of concrete technology.
TEDOM s.r.o. Manufacture organization, motor, bus and truck manufacturing.
ZPS Prefix a.s. Machining of precise components, machinery installation and its surface modification by varnishing.