Accounting Firms
"webKeeping" družstvo A Slovakian accounting company "webKeeping" družstvo offers tax counseling, salary processing, and accounting.
APOGEO Accounting & Payroll, s.r.o. The company offers tax counseling, services in the field of international taxation, tax planning and optimization, tax audit.
Bianchi & Partners s.r.o. Italsko - česká právní, daňová a účetní kancelář.
INFORMAČNÍ CENTRUM PODNIKATELŮ s.r.o. Issuing of specialized magazines and CD-ROMs dealing with trade, industrial and construction law, taxes and accounting.
Ing. Pavel Dvorský, Ph.D. The firm deals with accounting and advising in the field of taxes.
LN - ÚČTO s.r.o. The company deals with auditory activity, accounting, economic and tax advising.
Účetnictví on-line, s.r.o. The company offers services in the fields of accounting and tax registers, human resources and wares via the internet.