Unified Solution

Our company has signed an "Independent Software Vendor Royalty License and Distribution Agreement" with Microsoft as a development company, which is an agreement that allows us to distribute the products of this company. This concerns products that will allow our customers to use the possibilities of ESO9 based on Microsoft applications to their full potential.

We have chosen for you:

  • MS SQL Server (both the Standard and Enterprise editions)
  • MS SQL CAL (client for MS SQL Server)
  • MS SQL Server – processor license (both the Standard and Enterprise editions)

The products are distributed only as parts of the unified solution of your information system, that means the solution that involves some of the ESO9 products and some of the Microsoft products listed above. This unified solution can be used only as a whole and only in mutual connection. This means that the MS SQL can be used by the target customers only in connection with the ESO9 products and no other ones.

You can get the Information System Unified Solution by any of the following ways:

  • Purchase of the unified solution.
  • Additional purchase of parts of the unified solution to an ESO9 product which is already being used.

If you are interested in further information and price lists, please turn to obchod@eso9.cz.