Demo version

Try out the ESO9 information system

We have prepared the basic version of the information system ESO9 Start, which contains all the necessities for easy and effective company management for you. In order to make a better picture of what can be expected from the standard ESO9 Start version, we have filled with data of an ideally operating firm. In the ESO9 Start Demo version, you will see all of the important data of the "ideal firm", its accounting, order state, property and storage register. At the same time, you will be able to try, how to feed the system with data, authorizing purchase and acquiring accepted invoices, record accepted orders and monitor their performance, issue invoices and orders, or how to store all the company documents in one place.

The ESO9 Start information system can of course be expanded with the salary agenda and human resources areas. In the ESO9 Salaries and Human Resources Demo Version, you can try the salary calculation based on the entered data on the professional relationship, employee data entering, tracking of sick leave, incapacities for work, medical checks and training…

In order to really meet all the needs of your company, we offer you the ESO9 Framework – a unique tool for application creation – to try out as well. Thanks to an application created using the ESO9 Framework, you will eliminate the disorganised lists and registers in excel tables. Since you will be able to create the application yourselves, you will become totally independent on your information technology supplier.

All the ESO9 product demo versions are totally unlimited in terms of the amount of data that can be processed through them as well as being limitless when it comes down to time.