Application Service Provider

Optimize your information system costs and get rid of troubles..

The times when each company had to create the necessary background for the operation of an information system are now a question of the past. Practically it meant we had to become information system experts, purchasing hardware necessary for its operation and securing the necessary support (both technical and personal). 

Not just that it required earmarking the necessary funds, keeping all the license agreements, but also regular investing and improving the support, not to forget all the other problems connected with the operation itself (data backup, data archiving, danger of data leaks…). 

Advantages of ESO9 operation via ASP:

  • Company funds savings 
  • No need for additional HW investments – your own PC is enough 
  • No need to acquire application SW (ESO9 information system) 
  • No need to acquire operation SW (MS SQL) 
  • Information technology maintenance cost savings 
  • HW and SW supplier service cost savings 
  • Data backup – the supplier takes on these responsibilities 
  • Guarantee of a fast reaction in case of a blackout 
  • By placing the application outside of the firm, there is no need to worry about HW thefts 
  • You are not obliged to contract to a time period stated in advance (e.g. 24 months)