Application creation and the provided services

The current disorganised register method using excel tables does not suit you anymore? Are you a company that often changes its work processes? Or are you a software firm that would like to offer something new and interesting for your customers?

ESO9 Framework is the tool just for you.

ESO9 Framework works with the unique three-level ESO9 Technology, which is based on the robust MS SQL Database and with the technological support of our company. Another part of the ESO9 Framework is the ESO9 Genesis application generator, which you can learn to operate at one of our certification courses. After that, you will just simply create applications (registers) fast and on your own, and transform them according to your ideas.

With the help of the ESO9 Framework you will become completely independent on the IS supplier and thanks to the new service ESO9 ASP; you will be able to run your applications instantly by renting servers which we will provide you with.