The Company’s Profile

ESO9 international a.s.

is a leading information technology provider in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company also offers solutions adjusted to the legal conditions of Hungary or Poland.

ESO9 international provides its customers with a strong background in development, implementation and services connected with the company’s own information system - the ESO9. Moreover, it is one of the very few companies that offer the tool for creating your own applications – the ESO9 Technology.

The customers of ESO9 international include modern and efficient companies, the leaders of our economy. Recognition of the value of information is what they have in common, whether they are small competitive companies or large strategically important corporations.

ESO9 international values the satisfaction of its customers, therefore it constantly works on the improvement of offered services. It provides updates of its products on time, according to the legislative changes, directs the development towards the improvement of the users’ comfort, last but not least, arranges seminars and training.

ESO9 international’s mission:

Contribute to the progress of the information society by supplying the latest technology.

ESO9 international’s vision:

For the customer: To be a wanted, chosen and recommended supplier.
For the employees: To be recognized as the best place to work at.
For the owners: To be a reliable source of income.
For the public: To be known as an innovative firm, contributing to the general well-being of the society.

We will gladly offer you our services on your journey to prosperity.
The employees of ESO9 international a.s.